The Best Guard against Bugs

The Best Guard against Bugs

We always tend to spend some time outdoors for recreational activities. Whether at the beach, golf, on a boat, camping, etc., you will undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful moments. Spending time outdoors allows us to connect with loved ones and nature, relax, and escape the daily grind. In addition, it helps promote a host of positive health benefits.

Unfortunately, being in nature means you're not alone. Wild and untamed, the outdoors can be tricky to maneuver, especially when it comes to its tiniest inhabitants — bugs. However, don't let these little critters scare you away from an unforgettable vacation. There are tons of ways you can keep bugs away while camping.

Bugs are a nuisance when it comes to camping or when you are trying to enjoy time out in your yard. To deal with bugs and other insects, people turn to many ways to keep the bugs away, and this includes the use of various synthetic chemicals and pesticides to ward off the bugs. However, many people turn to natural insect repellent for skin, an environmentally friendly remedy for insect repelling. Not only are they typically safe for human use, but they're generally effective too.

Why use all-natural sprays?

This is always a hot debate, but if we can put it on a bumper sticker for you. Here it is:

  • Natural products can repel insects, most importantly.
  • Natural sprays are not harmful when applied to human or animal skin.
  • Most natural bug sprays contain beneficial properties for your skin, such as healing, anti-aging, scar prevention, and antifungal properties. So WHY NOT use it?

Bodyguardbugspray company provides the best natural bug repellent for the skin. Bodyguard repels no-see-ums, mosquitos, gnats, flies, and many more. Not only will it protect you, but you will smell great at the same time.

How are Bodyguard's products different from other Natural bug sprays?

  • Bodyguard bug spray has a unique formula that differentiates our product from other natural sprays.
  • Firstly, Bodyguard uses Neem oil as its active ingredient to repel bugs compared to the common citronella or lemongrass in other bug sprays.
  • Secondly, Bodyguard has a unique smell that no other bug spray has; it is a coconut-lemongrass smell that most people say reminds them of the summers in the '80s. Bodyguard is looking to become the first bug spray that can offer you a variety of smells. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Thirdly, Bodyguard products consist entirely of essential oils.