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Thought to have originated in the Subcontinent, the Neem Tree has been introduced to parts of Africa, the Caribbean and parts of Southern and Central America.

This tree is valued for its medicinal and cosmetic uses as well as being a source for organic insecticides. Part of the mahogany family, the Neem Tree is renowned for its timber.

The Neem Tree is unique in that all of its parts are useful, many of these uses are based on its naturally occurring antifungal, antibacterial and pesticidal properties. Of its many uses and applications, its most significant is arguably the extraction of neem oil from the seeds it produces.

Neem oil is incorporated in a wide variety of cosmetic products as well as its direct use as an insecticide. The insecticidal properties that the tree uses to protect itself come from natural compounds called triterpenes and more specifically, limonoids. The four most significant limonoids contained in neem trees and neem oil are azadirachtin, salannin, meliantriol and nimbin.

For these reasons neem oil has been chosen as the active ingredient in Bodyguard Bugspray.



The active repelling ingredient in neem oil is azadirachtin. 90 percent of insects that have been exposed to this compound have been proven to be affected. Azadirachtin does not kill insects immediately, however, the compound repels insects directly and if the insects come into contact their growth and reproductive patterns are disrupted. Thus removing insects from the body or area of application.



Research suggests that neem oil can help improve the healing of wounds in that it is thought to promote blood vessel and connective tissue growth, thus enhancing wound healing. In addition to this, further research has uncovered that products that contain neem oil prevent the growth of certain bacteria and can therefore prevent infections. 



Neem oil is used in many skin care products as it contains compounds that moisturize your skin, prevent acne, and reduce scarring. Neem oil also contains anti-aging compounds.

Bodyguard cares about you and the impact we leave on our planet. We ensure that all Bodyguard products you use have been tested and leave no harmful trace along the way.