How we Got the Itch

As a 20+ year professional beach bum, fisherman, hack golfer, restaurant owner, sunset cocktail enthusiast, and remote world traveler, I HAVE BEEN EATEN ALIVE!

My journey to creating a natural spray that actually works, began while sitting under a tree in Barbados. We were doing what we do best - enjoying a sunset cocktail – when we realized we weren’t being bitten by bugs! We were actually sitting under a Neem Tree and discovered its incredible ability to naturally block insects.

So I took some neem oil back to Florida with me. My wife thought I was crazy! My garage quickly turned into a research hub - there wasn’t even space for my Hummer!!! The mixing of natural oils began.

Testing the mixes became a good excuse to have family and friends over for a sunset cookout to try them out. After one too many of these ‘business meetings,’ the all-natural Bodyguard was born. I have not seen a bug on my porch since!

Mr. Brian Podlasek