Our Products

What products do you offer?

Bodyguard offers a variety of products that will protect yourself, your loved ones, and your beloved animals from all insects. Not only will it protect, but you will be smelling great at the same time. Bodyguard 2oz. Bodyguard 4oz, Farmguard 23oz trigger spray, Yardguard 32 F-style attachable nozzle

Why use all natural sprays?

This is always a hot debate but if we can put it on a bumper sticker for you. Here it is: Natural products can block insects most importantly. Natural sprays are not harmful to apply directly to human or animal skin. Most natural sprays contain properties that are very beneficial for your skin such as healing, anti-aging, scar prevention, antifungal properties. So WHY NOT use it?

How should I apply bodyguard products?

The application of any bug spray is vitally important to the prevention of any bites or stings from insects. Firstly, you should apply the spray before you encounter insects (not just after your first bite). Secondly, similar to sun cream the product needs to be applied to all exposed areas to ensure there are no vacant areas for those bugs to get you. Thirdly, due to the nature of human skin (sweating) and the possibility of materials rubbing off the spray insect repellent needs to be applied once every three hours for optimal results.

How are Bodyguard's products different to other Natural bugsprays?

Bodyguard has a very unique formula that differentiates our product from most other natural sprays. Firstly, Bodyguard uses Neem oil as its active ingredient to repel bugs compared to the common citronella or lemongrass found in other bug sprays. Secondly, Bodyguard has a unique smell that no other bug spray has it is a coconut-lemongrass smell which most people say reminds them of the summers in the '80s. Bodyguard is looking to becoming the first bug spray that can offer you a variety of smells. Keep your eyes peeled. Thirdly, Bodyguard products completely consist of essential oils.

How often should I apply Bodyguard products?

Bodyguard products are essential oil-based; therefore, the products are able to soak into your skin and stay on for long periods of time. The recommended amount of elapsed time between coating your skin is 3-4 hours.

Does Bodyguard stain clothes?

Bodyguard products are oil-based and may possibly stain linen clothing, it is advised to try to keep the product away from direct contact with certain clothes. However, if the product comes in direct contact with the clothes we advise to soak the garment in hot soapy water immediately for 2 hours and then washed conventionally and there should be no stain. 

Do Natural Bugsprays Work?

Yes, natural bug sprays work with a variety of natural repelling compounds to choose from such as; citronella, cedarwood, neem oil, lemongrass that all work great.

Why are Bodyguard products so oily?

Bodyguard is an all  essential  oils based product.  An essential oil is a liquid containing volatile (easily evaporated at normal temperatures) chemical compounds derrived from plants. For example, citronella, cedarwood, neem oil, and lemongrass.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, an option that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. 

Can you get Bodyguard products in your hair?

Yes, Bodyguard products are safe for your hair. Some key essential oils in our products are  neem and lemongrass oils, which contain properties that improve the overall condition of your hair.