Natural Mosquito Repellant for Dogs

Natural Mosquito Repellant for Dogs

Mosquitoes can cause a lot of risks and dangers when it comes to spread of diseases. Pets such as dogs are much different from human and there protection should be handled different. Dogs like sniffing therefore, having harmless chemical free repellents should be very essential. The best solution is to prevent this from happening by use of all natural mosquitos repellent. When it comes to dog lover’s mosquitoes can pose a lot of danger especially during summer. Mosquito population goes up and that can be very dangerous since most of us would like to have lots of fun while outside. Since mosquitoes carry plenty of dangerous diseases to both dogs and human beings it will be necessary to take note of the following tips to prevent this from happening.

Grow plants that repel mosquitoes. Plants like lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, and rosemary are known to repel mosquitoes. These are natural mosquito repellent plants that you can grow to avoid extra cost of treating dog mosquito bites. Be pretty cautious with these plants when you have a dog since they can be also toxic. Do a lot of research before having them in your garden.

You can also get rid of standing water. Standing water is a breeding site for mosquitoes. Prevent this by reducing places where water can settle.

Safe dog insect repellent. I.e. neem oil, clove oil, thyme and soybean oil. These are some of the natural solutions that may work with your dog but before using them consider to consult your veterinarian. You can also use bug spray for dogs that are non-toxic and safe around dogs.

Stay indoors especially during peak hours. Mosquitoes are usually active during dusk and down hours. Walk your dog when mosquitoes are not aggressive. When inside the house make sure that all doors and windows are closed.

Having taken in to considerations all precautions sometimes your dog can still get a mosquito bite. How you go about the treatment is what will matter. Treat you dog by use of natural treatments to reduce itching. Some of the natural treatments may include oatmeal and baking soda. Use these products by mixing with water. Be very cautious and always consult your vet before using them.

However, when it comes to best repelling chemical or natural repellants there is nothing a hundred percent that these products can offer. Each one of them has got their advantages and disadvantages. Just to ensure you are giving your dog the best always consult with your vet. Keep scrolling!