How Bug Repellents Work and Ingredients Found in Natural Bug Repellent

How Bug Repellents Work and Ingredients Found in Natural Bug Repellent

Have you thought of going hiking and camping with your friends, going to a beach or enjoying your vacation somewhere? But you worry about bugs that linger everywhere that makes the experience a very painful one. Not anymore, this is where the best natural bug repellent comes in, as it is a trip essential. This doesn’t mean we’ll go on a murder spree of bugs, surely, because there are thousands of bugs in a single place and we surely can't eradicate all of them since they also play a role in the ecosystem. The best to expect is to keep them far, far away from us. The best natural bug repellent work by making us less attractive to the bugs and it can be used everywhere because it's small pocket-sized.

Now the question is, how does bug repellent work? We all know bugs depend on carbon dioxide for food, and this carbon dioxide comes from human beings through the air that we breathe out, pores and sweat. This is the main reason why human attracts bugs. For this reason, we use bug repellent to disguise our scents from them and make us invisible to them. So, we should pay attention to the bug sprays we choose, at times it's quite a tiresome decision to make and wish to have paid more attention to chemistry class because if you go to an online site or supermarkets where they sell the repellent, there is a lot of descriptions of ingredients on the bottles that make you confused. Don't worry anymore if you need the best natural bug repellent and bug repellent for babies just make your orders through our website. They are environmentally friendly and the most paramount thing is that they are safe for babies too.

Active ingredients are found in the best natural bug repellent.

  • Essential oils, like neem, coconut oil, lemongrass and peppermints.
  • The product should and must have active ingredients that are registered with EPA. Because the manufacturers of the repellent must provide evidence that they are safe and effective.
  • Picaridin and diethyltoluamide are common active ingredients. Repellent containing Picaridin is very safe to be used both on skin and clothing not to kill the bugs but to just keep them away from us.
  • Extract of lemon eucalyptus known as Oil of lemon eucalyptus.

What are the guidelines for using bug repellent? When using a spray, do not spray directly to your face, just spray on your hands then apply on the face, but do not apply near eyes and mouth. Then apply sparingly around the ears. Only apply it on exposed skin or clothes not under clothes.